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I Have a Tribe

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New Single
"Fly Like A Bird"

I had no idea that this song was actually being recorded. A man stuck his head out of a studio and said he was looking for someone to play a piano so he could check if he had the microphones set up correctly. So I sat down and played and sang a tune. Afterwards he said, ‘I hope you don't mind, I recorded that.’ And he played it back, and another man passing by heard it and said, ‘Hey, I like that, mind if I add some trumpet?’ And then it was done. It was only afterwards that I realised they were both musicians who's playing I'd been enjoying for years: David Chalmin [Thom Yorke, Rufus Wainwright] and Trevor Hagen [Bon Iver]. I never knew what they looked like.

I sent the song to a friend of mine, Emilija Jefremova, and asked might she have some footage that would suit the song- she had recently been filming around Doolough, and Killary, not far from where my family comes from. A bird's eye view of the lakes and the mountains.

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